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The Africa Institute of Researchers and scholars exists to provide a community for researchers who are interested in all things related to the Internet. Many of us come from disciplines that in the past or even still are tepid to Internet-focused scholarship. AIRS was created to provide an outlet and a community for those of us who interrogate and examine the practices and relationships around individuals, organizations, institutions, cultures, and the Internet.
Each year the Association of Internet Researchers organizes a key event – the annual Internet Research conference. This conference brings together hundreds of academics, researchers, graduate students and other participants for an interdisciplinary, multi-methodological look at the Internet. The conference aims to gather together leading scholars and help set directions for research within disciplines, as well as in interdisciplinary ventures. The conference has developed a reputation for being friendly, welcoming of diverse opinions, and broad in its scope.
The Association is entirely member-driven and member-supported. We invite you to be part of our community:

Support the AIRS Community
In an effort to increase the diversity of participation in the AIRS annual conferences, the Africa Institute of Researchers and scholars makes available several conference fee waivers and travel stipends each year. We especially seek to increase participation by scholars from Africa, South America, and the Asia / Pacific regions, and other underrepresented areas, cultures, and identities.
AIRS would like to increase the number of grants available each year, so we have created a special AIRS Conference Scholarship Fund that members can support through contributions. Your donation — small or large — can help assist deserving scholars and researchers wishing to attend AIRS conferences, and enrich the conference for us all in important new ways. To donate, please click the button below.


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For Further Enquiries, Questions, Admission, etc.

Contact the registrar:
Dr. John O.L Registrar

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