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The Africa Institute of Researchers and Scholars (AIRS) is proud to provide a Professional Development Grant to support the ongoing professional development of educational researchers by providing funds to attend a conference, workshop, or course.

These awards provide up to 500 to help offset the following expenses:

  • Registration fees;
  • Transportation by ground or air;
  • Accommodation; and

Other associated fees with professional development participation (e.g., membership dues, poster printing).
Applicants and recipients must:

  • Be an AIRS member in good standing.
  • Be requesting support for an upcoming, future professional development opportunity.
  • Have approval from their supervisor to participate in the proposed professional development opportunity.
  • Demonstrate how they will apply the acquired knowledge or skills to their work in educational research.
  • Not have received one of AIRS’s Professional Development Grants within 5 years.
    Other Consideration:
  • The professional development opportunity must not lead to an academic degree.
  • Applications:
    An application form must be completed, describing the professional development opportunity and the estimated expenses for transportation, accommodation and registration or other associated fees to attend the event.  The grant will cover costs for transportation, registration and/or fees, and accommodation up to per night (including tax). Costs exceeding the amount of the grant will be covered by the applicant.  This grant is not intended to support tuition costs for students enrolled in a formal post-secondary training program.  Original receipts must be submitted.
    Applications for AIRS’s Professional Development Grant will be accepted twice a year, the deadlines being September 30 and January 30. These grants (up to each) will be awarded at each deadline.  Applications must be received by the AIRS Executive through email submission on or before AIRS’s submission deadline.  Decisions will be made within two weeks of the submission deadline for each of the grant runs respectively.  All applicants will be informed in writing shortly thereafter.   Funds will be distributed to successful applicants once the report form and original receipts have been submitted.
    Review and Decision Process:
    Applications are peer-reviewed by members of the AIRS Executive and AIRS’s Research and Resources Committee.
    Key criteria include:
  • Professional development goals of the educational activity
  • The relevance to education research and the work of the applicant
  • Intentions for sharing the knowledge/skills learned
    Decisions by the AIRS Executive will take into consideration the recommendations of the review panel of AIRS’s Research and Resources Committee and the availability of resources. All decisions are final. Successful applicants will be required to sign a letter of acceptance.
    Recipients of AIRS’s Professional Development Grant must submit the Reporting Form provided upon completion of the conference, course or workshop.  The report covers:
  • Feedback on the conference, workshop or course.
  • The extent to which educational goals were achieved.
  • Top three learnings.
  • An explanation of how and when new knowledge or skills will be applied.
  • New perspectives and/or contacts developed as a result of the experience.


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For Further Enquiries, Questions, Admission, etc.

Contact the registrar:
Dr. John O.L Registrar

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