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What Does AIRS Do


AIRS provides its members with opportunities for professional development and for interacting with people who have similar professional interests or information needs:

  • Two professional learning opportunities are held each year, one in the fall and one in the spring.
  • In addition, informal meetings are held on an ad hoc basis to deal with topical issues.

Special Interest Group workshops and seminars are periodically sponsored by AIRS on topics of significance to our membership.

What do Educational Researchers Do?

The functions performed by researchers in school boards vary according to the needs of individual boards. Some of the areas in which our members are actively involved include:

1. Providing information for monitoring and/or decision-making purposes by:

  • Conducting research and evaluation studies
  • Developing and maintaining student databases or student information systems
  • Conducting literature reviews
  • Providing enrollment projections
  • Preparing Ministry reports
  • Developing school and community profiles

2. Providing direct consultation and assistance to central office and school-based personnel by:

  • Serving on board and staff committees
  • Conducting student, staff and community surveys
  • Making presentations to school board personnel for professional development purposes
  • Developing measurement instruments

3. Managing and/or developing system-wide evaluation and testing programs.

4. Reviewing and monitoring requests from outside agencies to conduct research studies in the school system.

5. Disseminating current research findings.

6. Liaising with Ministry of Education personnel regarding Ministry-sponsored projects and initiatives.


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For Further Enquiries, Questions, Admission, etc.

Contact the registrar:
Dr. John O.L Registrar

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