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Contact the registrar:Dr. John O.L Registrar

Aims and Objectives


  1. To promote the advancement of Ceramic Technology
  2. To organize seminars, conferences, workshops and exhibitions in order to expose members to  news development in the field of Ceramics.
  3. To cater for the welfare of all members of the association
  4. To cooperate and or affiliate with other Ceramic research and development organizations  worldwide
  5. To promote and maintain cordial relationship amongst members
  6.  To coordinate between the government establishments on related matters for the development of  Ceramics in Nigeria
  7. To develop standard for Ceramic raw materials and products
  8. To encourage other organizations to promote and patronize the use of made in Africa Ceramic  products.
  9. To encourage exchange of visits and ideas among Ceramists.


Tel: +264812454204, +264857079593.


For Further Enquiries, Questions, Admission, etc.

Contact the registrar:
Dr. John O.L Registrar

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